Getting a teppanyaki grill doesn’t mean you’re already set to start creating amazing meals. If you truly want the full experience, you will also need a complete toolset to go with it. Using high-quality tools is bound to make you feel like a professional chef while entertaining your guests.

The folks over at Bite My Bun have created a detailed article which covers the tools of the trade you will need as a teppanyaki aficionado. Their article explains what each tool can do and why you should definitely add them to your kitchen utensil collection.

A good rule of thumb is to always choose high-quality tools made with the best possible materials. Cheap utensils will result in you spending more since you’ll have to replace them more often. Look for stainless steel tools with strong wooden handles.

one of the grill tongs

The absolute must-have tools are a turner, a fork, a knife, and a grill scraper. If you get your tools with a set you’ll be able to find squirt bottles as well, which can be useful while you’re grilling to help add important ingredients. And to be honest, they’re quite fun when you’re entertaining.

Many people tend to confuse the turner with a spatula. They’re both very similar but a spatula is definitely not the same thing since turners come in different shapes and sizes that vary according to the temperature they’re intended to be used at.

Now, when we mention a fork we’re not referring your traditional eating fork. Teppanyaki cooking uses a 2-tine pot fork which is custom made for it since the tines are curved to the outside. These tines are useful to pierce and hold thin slices of beef and can also help you hold meat in place while you carve it, all thanks to that subtle curve.

Remember we also mentioned the squirt bottles? Aside from being an awesome way to entertain guests while you prepare the teppanyaki meals, these bottles are the perfect way to make sure you add very precise amounts of your costly and not-so-costly ingredients. Take into account that any bottle works for this so you don’t need to be too picky in this area.

Recently, we’ve also seen grill basting covers gathering a lot of attention due to their utility. They’re meant to keep your food warm and moist before you get around to serving it. They’re also useful in protecting your kitchen equipment and area clean. Some teppanyaki meals can be greasy so using them can make the aftermath a little less terrifying.

They also come in multiple shapes and sizes and the new ones include cool-touch handles so you don’t need to wear heat-proof gloves (which can be uncomfortable) while you’re handling them. And since they’re made of high-quality, durable materials they are definitely going to last you for a while.

You don’t need to limit yourself to the most basic of tools, though. Try looking for all-in-one sets so all your tools are the same quality. These sets tend to include tongs and shears. You probably have some at home but Teppanyaki ones are designed differently for better results and to make your grilling experience much more enjoyable.

Teppanyaki tongs will have different shapes and functionalities so you might need to buy many of them so you can suit each one of your needs. This will vary depending on what you’re interested in grilling.

Some of the tongs have ends that resemble a spoon so they’re useful for holding and/or moving loose ingredients across your grill. Others might have straight ends and some have ends that resemble a fork which enable you to pierce the meat and have a better grip while cooking and transporting pieces.

Look for Teppanyaki shears that are better suited for your personal needs when cooking. You might need it to cut joints and bones or maybe be able to cut even small items or ingredients. And I don’t need to mention this, but kitchen shears are very different from traditional scissors since they are specifically designed for food handling and preparation.

And if you want to add some authenticity to your teppanyaki cuisine experience, you should look into getting an authentic Teppanyaki Japanese Bowl set. These are made out of ceramic and have decorations that make you feel in a different Japan region depending on the set you get. They’re the perfect complement for Japanese teppanyaki cuisine dishes that you can prepare at home.

an example of Japanese bowl set

Also, if you’ve ever visited a Teppanyaki restaurant, you’ll notice the chefs are the ones who create the experience, aided by tools we’ve presented you with, here. So why not add a chef hat to match and complete the moment? They’ll help you get into character and also keep things sanitary while helping you show off.



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